About us

Cloverhut is a new alternative to become a homeowner

Our mission is to make homeownership accessible to all through our online house raffles. In order to so, we simplify the process by putting in place the necessary legal and technical procedures to organize a raffle that gives its participants the opportunity to own a Spanish beach house for only £2

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What is Cloverhut and
why Should You Trust us?

Cloverhut is a digital platform created for people looking to improve their lives. We are the solution that gives you the opportunity to win a beach house in Spain for only £2.

We possess state-of-the-art technology to carry out these types of sweepstakes, offering you transparency, security and more chances of winning.

Our aim is to revolutionise the property market by giving anyone the chance to become a new homeowner. Cloverhut is the best solution, as we have delivered 100% of our raffled homes so far

Cloverhut is made up of a team of people ready to help you at all times

Behind Cloverhut stands a dynamic team, completely committed to giving our users the best experience possible. We strive every day to offer a quality service that meets the expectations of our users.

Furthermore, every hour of the day is dedicated towards our objective which is: a house for £2 without complications, in a life-changing, guaranteed and transparent draw. There are no strings attached.

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