For the past year, Cloverhut has been known for organizing raffles in which its participants can win houses in Spain. Our company has caught the attention of major media outlets such as the Sun and ABC. People from all around the world are welcomed to enter the raffle by purchasing ticket at a price of £2 each. What if you had the lucky number and were to win a house in Spain? This guide will cover the following points:

  1. What Do I Need to Buy a House in Spain?
  2. Why Is Living in Spain So Great?
  3. What Is Spanish Housing Like?

What do I need to buy a house in Spain?

Before claiming your new house in Spain, you have to be aware of the necessary steps in order to claim it. The government is not strict regarding whom has the right to purchase land and property in Spain.

Having said that, anyone can buy a house or claim their prize from the draw. The first necessary step is to get a NIE number. These digits represent a foreigners’ identity number and are extremely important for legal and financial purposes such as taxes. The format is under a document containing your full name, date and place of birth and lastly, your unique number. The NIE can be obtained by applying at the relevant Police station with the required documents which are:

  • NIE Application Form
  • Two Passport pictures
  • Original passport and photocopy
  • Small Fee Payment

Finally, if you are not a resident but you do own a house in Spain, you must appoint a tax representative. Bear in mind that as a non-resident you must pay an income and capital gains tax, a property tax and a non-resident property tax each year. If you happen to invest more than £500,000 in Spain, you can apply for residency through the Golden Visa.

Real estate agents can provide a lot of information to foreigners trying to purchase a piece of land in Spain. They usually speak good English and will assist you with the research, legal documents and the purchase of the home. They are key to making the process easier for the average Joe that does not know where to begin.

The seventeen provinces in Spain can all act as separate entities when it comes to regulations. As a consequence, it is necessary to go through the legal requirements with a lawyer from the specific zone in question. These different regulations can have a huge impact concerning what you are able to do with Spanish housing in regard to how long you can rent it out during the year.

Every single time Cloverhut hosts a raffle, notaries and lawyers are present to certify the transaction and to make sure that the delivery of the prize is safe and hassle free. Cloverhut remains in contact with you so as to assist and help in case there are any doubts. Feel free to check out terms and conditions and to take part in our next raffle if you want to get a chance at winning a stunning house in the south of Spain. Keep in mind that living in Spain has a lot of perks.

Why Is Living in Spain So Great?

Living in Spain is probably one of the things you will never regret. The friendliness of its people, its warm weather or the tastiness of the food are things that will make you happy after you made the big decision.

Feel free to check out our last article discussing why Spain is a great place to retire.

Madrid and Barcelona alone have become hubs for business savvy people. Indeed, a lot of start-ups were born in Spain such as Sesortea, Fintonic, Parclick and many more. As a result, there are a lot of job opportunities that may interest you. The minimum pay in Spain is £1050 in 2021 and that is a low number. Since the minimum wage is low, the cost of living is quite low as well. With £1,500, you can live comfortably in all parts of Spain.

Moreover, you will notice that Spaniards are very friendly and welcoming. It is believed that people in warm southern countries are friendlier due to high temperatures and a slower life pace. As a result, they have more time to enjoy the little things in life such as quality time with family, meals, walks, etc. Whether you are looking for parties or a calm environment, you will always find what you are looking for in Spain. Living in Spain is great because you will have the freedom to live the kind of life you want to live. 

What is Spanish Housing Like?

The majority of the inhabitants of big cities such as Valencia or Barcelona live in apartments in the city center. As these places tend to be crowded, apartments have become the primary source to house people. Spanish housing is still recovering from the crisis in 2008 and is well-known for its investment opportunities.

In smaller cities, you can find a three-bedroom apartment for £150,000. It is a bit expensive in bigger cities as apartments range between 100,000 to£800,000 depending on your location, the year of construction, the state of the accommodation and more. However, living in Spain remains affordable compared to prices in London or in Paris.

If Spain seems like a great place to you, you should not hesitate to move to Spain and start your life again. Do not forget to apply for an NIE number and learn Spanish. People are welcoming, but you will definitely get to interact with more people if you learn the local language. If you want to move to Spain but have a really tight budget, not having to pay for a Spanish housing could help you financially.

Consider winning a house through a raffle to save on Spanish housing costs and property taxes. Check out Cloverhut to take part in the next raffle.

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