The drinks menu at any restaurant nowadays, is literally endless. You never know what to choose, and somehow always end up regretting going for the "adventurous" option, right? And all drinks knowledge just goes straight out the window as soon as you land in a foreign country. Don't fret, we've got you! When travelling to Spain, there are definitely some staples you need to try. The best thing is that all these drinks are excellent for cooling down, you won't have to break the bank to enjoy them, and their suitable for just about everyone.

So, next time you're in Spain relaxing by the gorgeous beach or the sunny pool, and you're just about ready to pass out from the never-ending heat, remember these drinks!

  1. Horchata
  2. Granizado
  3. Gazpacho
  4. Sangría
  5. Tinto de Verano


Horchata de chufa is a typical drink in Spain, particularly in the valencian region . It's made from tiger nuts, and, although that doesn't sound the most appetising, it's a simple, refreshing and vegan-friendly beverage.

Horchata is mainly consumed during the long summer months, it's refreshing taste and ice-cold serving is ideal for cooling down. However, you can find it just about anywhere all year round. If travelling to Valencia, you can't miss this incredible drink, and to get the most authentic experience, visit one of the traditional "horchaterías" and enjoy it with fartons, a classic pastry from Valencia, ideal for soaking up all the delicious horchata

If you fancy yourself a bit of a chef, and need to taste this for yourself in the comfort of your own home, all you'll need are tiger nuts, sugar and water. Wash the tiger nuts thoroughly, changing the water multiple times if necessary. Then let them soak in water for at least two hours to hydrate them well. After that, wash them again and place them into a deep container with water and sugar, and blend it all together. Once the mixture is homogenised, strain it through a sieve to ensure you're only keeping the liquid.

Finally, put it in the fridge and serve chilled so it's all the more refreshing!

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Granizado is a drink which comes from the South of Spain but it's enjoyed nation-wide. Similar to horchata's super simple recipe, granizado is made with lemon, water, crushed ice and sugar! You could say it's lemonade's fancy cousin. During your stay in Spain, you cannot miss out on this drink. Whether it's made with lemon or orange juice, this drink helps you survive the sweltering days and the humid nights and you can find it anywhere: supermarkets, street vendors, bars, restaurants or even at the eclectic chiringuitos, so you don't even have to leave the beach!


So yeah, as you can tell, drinks are a big thing in Spain. But what about if you want something with a little more consistency, but the heat is so suffocating you can't even fathom the thought of eating anything? Say hello to gazpacho,  a real life saver. Traditionally made in Andalusia, you can find gazpacho anywhere in Spain during the summer months, and some supermarkets even sell it all year long. Now, although it won't sound the most appetising, it's quite literally a cold tomato soup, it is the best thing you'll ever taste under extremely high temperatures. You can have either gazpacho or salmorejo, which have slightly different recipes, but the main ingredients are: tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Blanch the vegetables, blend them all  together and serve ice cold.  It's the perfect appetiser in the long months of June, July and August, and you'll find it at any restaurant or bar. It's a staple on any Spanish table and is enjoyed by all ages and diets. 


Now, for the over 18's. Let's talk all things sangría. A word which rolls beautifully off the tongue and makes anyone think of gorgeous relaxing evenings and unforgettable Spanish nights, it's renowned for being the most popular drink among tourists in Spain during the long summer. It's recipe varies from region to region, but as long as you have plenty of ice, red wine and fruit, you're honestly good to go. Best served chilled and enjoyed with plenty of tapas, great company and on a terrace near the beach. 

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Tinto de Verano

If you're in the mood for something a little lighter than sangría, opt for a Tinto de Verano, you'll be amazed by how refreshing it is! This drink is simply a mixture of red wine and lemonade or fizzy water. Serve with tons of ice and a lemon slice, it will be your miracle this summer when attempting to fight off the heat. It also makes for the perfect drink before an impeccable meal and an unforgettable night in Spain. If you can't be bothered to make it yourself, the ready-made stuff is just as good! You can get it at supermarkets anywhere around Spain and your wallet will be thankful for it too!

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