The Next Earth project is a big deal. It's not just a blockchain startup. It's a new NFT-based replica of Earth that aims to disrupt the centralised status quo. Currently, over 25 million "tiles" on this virtual Earth have been sold. This virtual planet has only been live for about a month and a half. 

  1. What is it
  2. How does it work
  3. The role of the International Community

What is it

The project has a global community. The Next Earth team is doubling its efforts to build a large community. Moreover, the project's Discord has thousands of members. Not to mention the international lobbies in different countries that support it.

Community members can interact with each other, meet at any time discuss ideas and strategies to build the metaverse.

To make the project successful, the Next Earth team provides people with something that has not existed before: decentralised ownership of land and virtual assets without depending on centralised platforms controlled by someone. 

To achieve this, the team behind the project is developing a multitude of features. Once the idea is in place, users are able to buy virtual assets from other users, safe in the knowledge that no one will ever be able to take the purchased item away from them without permission. 

The Next Earth project contributes to the creation of a metaverse nation where anyone can create their own virtual towns and villages.

All land purchased on Next Earth is represented on the blockchain by an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with of NFT being equivalent to 100 meters of land. NFTs are a special smart contract based on the ERC721 token standard. This standard guarantees immutable proof of ownership and contains the base data of LAND. This data includes data such as the hash of the unique identifiers of the tiles contained in LAND. All tiles have a unique ID on the map.

The Next Earth project has 3 mains objectives: providing virtual ownership of land, achieving a financial system without intermediaries facilitated throguh decentralised financial technology and, achieving a community-based global governance. 

How does it work

What is the process of buying NFT virtual lands on Next Earth? 

First, one has to register online, with an email and a password, that must be remembered as there is no way to regain access, if the password is lost. Next Earth is the largest and best established of the current crop of metaverse real estate companies. After creating an account, it is important to create a Binance chain address through the Binance Chain Chrome extension. Once an address has been generated, one must send BNB to Next Earth to log in and buy virtual land NFTs. 

The wallet must be connected to use Next Earth, then one may use Next Earth's map to find virtual real estate that is of the users interest. Next Earth has a visual map where individuals may browse all available parcels of virtual land. For each tile, users may see the ownership status of each parcel, as well as offers made by other users. 

In addition to being able to explore the full virtual replica of the Earth, one may simply type in a location and see if those tiles are available for sale. After connecting to the wallet, users may buy any available tile

Of course, you may also buy land from other users through the NFT marketplace. This is a newly active area of the Next Earth platform where people can buy and sell NFT virtual real estate from each other. If the mosaic you searched for was taken, you may go to the NFT marketplace to see if it is available for sale from the original buyer. 

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The role of the International Community

One of the most interesting aspects of this project is that it is about the global community. The Next Earth team has been very active in creating an international community, with thousands of members in their Discord, with international lobbies in Germany, Hungary, France, and other countries. They have created a community where people can meet and discuss ideas and strategies for building the metaverse.

This is important because it shows that there is a real desire for something new in the metaverse space. People want to be able to interact with each other on their own terms, not just via centralised services.

Next Earth has a number of exciting innovations, including the tile-based pixel art. Virtual tile-based pixel art will be a new way to create virtual art that is also non-fungible, meaning that each can be identified as unique. This means that when one buys virtual land on Next Earth, one can create unique pixel art.

Ultimately, it makes sense that the Earth-based metaverse is attracting attention from people all over the wold. Everyone even dreams of owning a piece of emblematic places or beaches, and now they can be yours in the virtual metaverse.

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