Spanish gastronomy is considerably one of the most world renowned cuisines. Each region has its own traditional and unique dishes. Spanish food has a pronounced Mediterranean character with its large use of olive oil, garlic and other products. However, the richness of its cuisine has not fully crossed borders as the most predominent popular food is gazpacho and paella

If you do not know what to order when you are in Spain, here are some of the most typical Spanish dishes.

For the purpose of this article, Spain will be divided into four parts.

  1. The North
  2. The South
  3. The Center
  4. The Mediterranean Coast
  5. Spanish Archipelagos

The North

In Asturias, seafood and fish are pillars to their cuisine, however their most popular this is the fabada.  Its ingredients include chorizo, morcilla and pork belly and the stew is made with white beans and a hint of pimenton.

The cuisine in Asturias needs no presentation, it is one of the most famous Spanish foods'.

Cantabrian cuisine fully revolves around the sea, given its geographical situation. In this region you may enjoy all type of shellfish and fish in the grill. Notably, in Cantabria, they also have excellent cheeses and cocidos.

In Galicia, you will eat the best scallops, mussels, small langoustines, small eels and small octopuses, often served in their ink, that Spain has to offer. Locals are also very fond of percebes which hang on rocks beaten by the sea. However, octopus is by far the most popular dish from Galicia, you can eat it in different ways but we strongly recommend you eat it the Galician way.

Finally, the Basque Country holds the title of many gastronomic treasures, it is home to a large number of Michelin-starred restaurants and is one of the best spoken regions of Spain in terms of cuisine. Given its weather, the region is very rich in agricultural products and livestock. In a zone called Vizcaya, you will be able to eat different landmark dishes such as their cod, a popular fish stew made out of potatoes and tuna, grilled sardines or leek soup.

In Gipuzkoa, another province of the Basque Country you will be able to enjoy crabs, hake fish, cod diches, squid and very good beef ribs.

The Basque country has a wide variety of dishes and they are all as good as the other, if you do not know what to order, we recommend you order everything!

The South

Andalusian cuisine is also inspired by its climate and geographical situation. There you will have the best gazpacho and salmorejo to refresh your body. Salmorejo is a very famous vegetable cream from Cordoba, it is made out of breadcrumbs, tomatoes, garlic, oil and salt. It is usually served with pieces of ham or grated hard boiled egged.

In the coast, you can enjoy fried fish. This dish is very simple to make, it is typical of the region.  For this dish, the fish used tend to have very few bones such as: anchovies, sorrels, red mullet or mackerel. Some molluscs can be added such as squid cut into small pieces. to cook this dish, all there is to do is to coat the fish in flour and then frying it in plenty of hot olive oil. This dish can be eaten as a tapa. 

In Malaga, we recommend you try Ajoblanco, it is a cold soup made with ground almonds, bread, garlic, water, olive oil and salt. This soup is considered to be a variant to the famous Andalusian gazpacho. 

The Center

When talking about Madrid, we must inevitably refer to the cocido madrileño, which is a stew and Callos a la Madrileña which is a stewed tripe dish.  Notably, these two dishes are not originally from Madrid, but Madrid has given them character and their popularity.  Another dish that is very well known in Spain is lentils with chorizo and beans. Most of these dishes are heavy and are best enjoyed in cold weather. 

In Extremadura we recommend you try the migas, which are crumbs. This meal is made ouf of finely choped and fried bread, garlic, peppers, paprika, water, salt and olive oil. Some say that this is a recycled meal of bread from days before that has gone hard. 

Nature, lakes, rivers and the countryside enrich the cuisine from Castilla-La Mancha. Agricultural products play a pillar in their gastronomy, however, meat also plays a very important role. It is the main ingredient of some of their gastronomy: gazpachos manchegos made with cakes of cenceñas, which is a kind of casserole and bird meat.  Additionally, if you ever visit Toledo, you can tried the stewed and pickled partiridges 

The Mediterranean Coast

Catalonia is also home to a very rich cuisine, but out of all of its richness, the most symbolic one of this region is Pan Tumaca. Pan tumaca simply crusty bread with ripped tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.  There, you can also enjoy the dessert Crema Catalana, which is similar to the french creme brûlé, however, the Crema Catalana is made with milk, is flavored with cinnamon and lemon zest and they have a different cooking method.

Valencian gastronomy is prestigous on the national and international level along with its famous paella. However, the region has much more to share. Along with rice, there is a rich spoon cuisine in the region because of their delicious stews: cooking vegetables and meat from which the broth is also used for other kinds of stews. 

Another landmark dish from this region is the fideuà, this is exactly like paella, only instead of rice, it is cooked with small noodles. 

The cuisine in the region of Murcia is authentic Mediterranean cusine, the basis of their food is rice, vegetables and olive oil. The roasts, salted meats, fish and seafood from the Mar Menor are also very popular. So wait no more, and come discover this varied cuisine and participate in our raffle

Spanish archipelagos

Canarias is home of papas arrugadas con mojo picón, which are wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón, these include a variety of sauces with different spiciness, it mainly revolves around paprika, coriander, olive oil and other spices. 

The Balearic Islands attract millions of tourists from all over the world because of their beautiful beaches, their climate and their nightlife, however, what many do not know is how rich their culture and gastronomy is. Sa Pobla potatoes, blond peppers, purple carrots and other local products are becoming more and more popular. Beside these new trends, seafood and meats remain the Balearic Islands' cuisine pillar. Before the tourist boom, the cuisine revolved around intense fishing and agricultural activity that resulted in pork and lobster dishes. Fish and Sausages are also very well known, more especially the sobrasada . 

If you are ever there, we recommend you try the fish soup, the rabbit with onion, duck with olives and the cocas. The islands are also home to one of Spain's ost famous pastries: the ensaimadas and so many others. These islands have so  many secrets, so, if you ever go there, we recommend you try it all. The islands are so rich in nature, culture and life and we recommend you try it all to the fullest. 

As you have seen throughout this article, Spanish food is not only tortilla and tapas, but so much more than that!

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