Christmas is just around the corner, and you’ve still not got your Xmas gifts ready to go? No need to panic, we’ve got you covered. This gift guide is perfect for everyone in your life, your Secret Santa’s at work, your boyfriend or girlfriend… we’ve even got something for your youngest cousin who you have no clue what they would possibly like! 

1. Family Owned for the Fashionable Friend
2. Subscription Services for the Practical Pal
3. Dinner Parties with the Home Chef
4. Raffles and Draws for the All-Rounder
5. Modernising the Bookworm
6. Tempting the Traveller

1.Family Owned for the Fashionable Friend

For the person in your life who is always wearing the latest trends and thrives being the most original in the room, you can’t go wrong with a special and timeless piece. This year, we’re really encouraging everyone to shop more locally, in small and family-owned businesses near you. So have a search online, ask around and you’ll find the perfect piece! If you’re still unsure about their taste, or you’re weary you’ll mess it up, you simply can’t go wrong with a good old gift card from their favourite shop!

2.Subscription Services for the Practical Pal

These presents are ideal for your Secret Santa’s at work, or for those who have a much more practical view on life and the holiday season. How about getting them something they would normally not purchase for themselves? Think outside the box, a great option is something they can use if they Work from Home, like a new chair which their back will actually be thankful for. Staying on topic of the WFH person, how about some new workout gear so they finally stop lying about that supposed gym membership?

And finally, if all else fails, we’ve still got you covered: a magazine, music, video, drink, food or digital subscription is something that is appreciated year-round and will make them think fondly of you at least once a month!

Subscriptions are becoming the new it present this season. Gift them an unforgettable experience with Cloverclub.

3.Dinner Parties with the Home Chef

Ever since quarantine we all know that special someone who just fancies themselves a Michelin rated chef, don’t we? Well, although they’re probably not up to that level just yet, you can definitely encourage them with some thoughtful and practical presents. If they’re still quite the beginners and you don’t know how else to explain to them how to specifically not burn a potato… maybe a cookbook?

If the person you’re buying for thinks of themselves more as a food critic, in other words, loves eating but can’t be bothered with the whole cooking and cleaning up process, how about you treat them to a lovely meal at their favourite restaurant? Get an extra special experience and a fantastic meal all in one!

And finally, if they have a liking for the unexpected, how about a cooking class for the both of you? Avenue Cookery School has great options, with a varied menu and something available for all ages, all palates, and all levels in the kitchen.

4.Raffles and Draws for the All-Rounder

This section is ideal for everyone, from a stocking-filler to a more special gift, it’s simply perfect for any folks, of any age, in any part of the world… And you can personalize them however you like!

An All-Rounded Gift is one with a great message, customisable and simultaneously gifting you with an unforgettable experience. A wonderful present this season is giving back to those who need it, especially in these challenging times that we’re in. How about gifting them something that benefits everyone? Cloverhut is an online platform that offers incredible prizes and life-changing experiences in different raffles while donating 80% of all its profits to charity. You could sign up to an account in their name and gift them single tickets or even purchase a subscription for them! Donate while having the chance to win truly spectacular prizes, they’ll thank you for it, as will all the people you’re helping along with it.

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5.Modernising the Bookworm

For your buddy who can’t get their nose out of a good book wherever they are, an eBook is the way to go. Give them comfort and practicality this Christmas, especially for those long and hard commutes into work.

6.Tempting the Traveller

And finally, for the person in your life that just always wants to get away. Now that travel is back for good, why not gift them an experience and a surprise at the same time? A weekend getaway to a city they’ve never been to before, or a retreat to the countryside? If they’re into adventure and love a challenge, a subscription to Cloverclub would be fantastic, gifting them the chance to win all-inclusive trips to 5-star hotels around Spain for two, every two months!

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We hope this Christmas Gift Guide has helped you find the perfect present for your special someone this season and, if not, at least it’s given you some inspiration! The Xmas Season is such a special time, and we mustn’t forget to be grateful for everything that life has given us this year. Show your thankfulness and give back this season, in whatever way you can.

From the Cloverhut team, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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