Habitat for Humanity is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization (NGO) founded in 1976 by the couple Millard and Linda Fuller. As of today, this organization is present in more than 70 countries. This organization brings people together to build homes and communities. Today, approximately 1.6 million people worldwide suffer from housing poverty and are without a safe place to live. The houses are built using volunteer labor, over the years, it helped more than 29 million people build, rehabilitate and preserve homes since its founding in 1976, and was considered the largest non-profit builder in the world in 2013.

  1. What they do
  2. Buildings and other operations
  3. Restoration in Bangladesh
  4. Our commitment

What they do

Habitat for Humanity is one of the world's leading housing charities focused on long-term development, aid and poverty alleviation. Its mission is to build a safe environment where families can thrive.

Habitat for Humanity's vision of the ideal world is a world where everyone has a decent home. Housing poverty is due to: overcrowding, lack of access to clean water and sanitation, unsanitary conditions, high rents and risk of eviction and the lack of access to public services, schools, jobs and medical facilities. Habitat for Humanity believes affordable housing plays a critical role in building strong and stable communities.

The aim of their work is to provide families with strenght, stability and independence through housing, it aims to give them the tools to remain independent. The beneficiaries of this NGO achieve homeownership by building their homes and paying off an affordable home loan.

Volunteers of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and nationalities are welcomed to build, repair, and develop homes. 

The selection of families is based on three criteria: the need for affordable housing, the ability to repay the mortgage, and the desire to become a homeowner. This desire is fulfilled by agreeing to do 500 hours of sweat equity, which is the active collaboration in the construction of the house. 

Of course, each house may only welcome one family, however, in the construction of such house, Habitat builds relationships by having residents work together towards a common goal.

Buildings and other operations

Habitat for Humanity relies on volunteer work to build simple, affordable housing, as well as build the community and civil society in the areas where it works. They build simple houses with local materials.

Additionally, as part of their long term goals, Habitat for Humanity came up with a project to use solar energy in order to enhance long term improvements with home building projects. This initiative allows those homes to provide their own electricity through the use of solar energy.

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Restoration in Bangladesh

Habitat for Humanity played a vital role in the restoration of Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr. Overall, they pledged almost £200.000 to provide technical assistance. Enabling the construction of halfway houses, basic necessities such as food, water and medicine were distributed to affected families. Overall, a total of 480 houses were built, each house has been eqquipped with adequate sanitation thanks to contributions from UNICEF Bangladesh and Habitat for Humanity Great Britain (GB). These transitional shelthers were designed to be built by volunteers and unskilled laborers in those areas that were prepared by the families. These shelters provide a strong, cyclone-resistant central structure to protect residents from severe weather. Responding to natural disasters such as cyclones has enabled the organization to help Bangladeshi families rebuild more resilient homes. 

To improve the health of families and tackle the issues of access to basic sanitation, Habitat for Humanity GB has partnered with many loval organisations to provide access to clean water, safe sanitation facitilies and raise personal hygiene standards, which in turn, effectively reduces the spread of diseases within communties.

Overall, the main goals of the operations of Habitat for Humanity in Bangladesh include the improvement of living conditions through housing and sanitation, the relief and preparedness of natural disasters and community development. In order to achieve comunity development and local economic development, Habitat for Humanity opts for a holistic approach by involving participants in the improvement of the economic and living conditions of their community.

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Our Commitment

In our aim to becoming more socially responsible, Cloverhut entered into a new partnership: Cloverhut and Habitat for Humanity GB are now partners! The lack of decent housing is a global problem, living in substandard housing, or not having access to it, is the main obstacle to social mobility, economic inlcusion and leading a healthy life. This is why, it is now our commitment to donate 80% of our profits to this NGO in order to help to their great cause. By entering our house raffle, users support the work they do around the world through donations.

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