World days aim to raise public awareness on a particular issue. World Environment Day, which is celebrated on the 5th of June of 2022, is the largest international day dedicated to the environment. This day is organized and led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and has been held annually since 1973. 

This event is held to create awareness and reunites millions of people around the world who pledge to protect the planet. In total, this event is celebrated in over 100 countries.

  1. What is the World Environment Day
  2. What is its purpose
  3. How is Spain preparing for World Environment Day?

What is the World Environment Day

This international day, led by the United Nations (UN), motivates governments, businesses, civil society, schools, cities, communities and celebrities to raise awareness and celebrate environmental action. It tries to reach people from every corner of the world.

In 1972, the UNEP declared World Environment Day to be celebrated on the 5th of June. This event became key in taking action on pressing challenges, from marine pollution and global warming to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. These events resulted in the creation of national and international policies safeguarding the values of these events. 

Each year, the celebration of this day is hosted by a different country, but it is no coincidence that Sweden is the host and organiser for 2022. This year represent a historic milestone for the UNEP as it marks the 50th anniversary of the event. This year's theme is Only One Earth, symbolizing the first conference, that was held 50 years ago, following the 1972 Stockholm Conference. The event is going to be held with the hopes to strengthen cooperation and demonstrate leadership in the transformation towards a more sustainable society.

What is its purpose

The aim of this day is to, first and foremost, raise global awareness on environmental issues and call for action to protect our planet. It also aims to make visible all the changes in our natural environment that have affected the way we live on earth. 

The theme of this year's event is Only One Earth which calls for transformative changes in policies and choices to enable a cleaner, greener, and sustainable way of life in harmony with nature.

It is crucial to make all generations aware of the need to learn to use our resources wisely.

50 years after the first conference, held in Stockholm, the theme is the same. And now, more relevant than ever! It calls for the urge and necessity to preserve the limited resources of our planet, our only home. 

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How is Spain preparing for World Environment Day?

Spain is committed in the protection of the environment, over the years, it has adopted and implemented news measures and sustainable ways to produce energy. If you wish to know more about this and Spain's efforts to become more sustainable, click here.  

It is important that everyone contributes to this cause, from the micro to the macro level. We must take the path of sustainable choices, and these choices must be promoted by institutions and companies in order to be chosen by civil society. Banks have a crucial role to play in combating climate change and achieving the UN sustainable goals. Banks can mobilise capital through investment, lending, insurance and advisory functions. The Spanish bank BBVA, is committed to reduce and to progressively eliminate its direct and indirect impacts and its commitment to sustainable finance. 

Banks can provide innovative solutions to its clients in order to help them transition to a low-carbon economy, and they may integrate social and environmental risks systematically into decision-making.

In line with the objectives set by the World Environment Day conferences, the Iberdrola group works to contribute to preserving healthy ecosystems wherever it operates. The company continues to promote the energy transition, the group is committed to invest significant amounts of money until 2030 and to become carbon neutral in Europe by 2030, and globally by 2050, and to plant 20 million trees during this decade.

It is evident that Spain and Spanish companies are dedicated in contributing to this cause. It is crucial for companies and institutions to take initiatives so as to lead individuals in their ecologic transition.

On the other hand, Ecologists in Action announces the Attila Awards to distinguish those who have made the most outstanding contribution to the destruction of the environment over the year. The aim of this distinction is to shed light on the actions done by those who dedicate their time and work in activities that counter the UN sustainable goals. 

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