The Spanish Meteorological Agency has placed some areas on red alert for these extreme temperatures. Temperatures have soared and approached 44 degrees celsius in the south of Spain near Cordoba. A heat wave is a long period of intense heat. These periods are known to be quite dangerous for the health as evaporation is slow and the body has to work harder to maintain a normal temperature. The risks vary depending on your age and health status, which is why it is important to prepare and know what to do in the event of a heat wave, especially if you are travelling to Spain this summer!

You want to protect yourself simply and naturally against the heat? Then use these tips if you are travelling to Spain this summer. These tips can be applied immediately in your home to effectively combat the heat wave that is hitting Spain this summer.

  1. Avoid sugary drinks
  2. Avoid direct sunlight in your home
  3. Open your windows at nightfall
  4. Ice and fan
  5. Avoid the sun

Avoid sugary drinks

It is highly recommended to drink plenty of water or fluids without waiting until you are thirsty. Ideally, it is recommended to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres a day.

On the other hand, it is recommended to avoid alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea or cola and those drinks that contain high levels of sugar; these drinks enhance the body fluids you lose. As well, avoid ice cream, it tends to be too sweet, which in turn also may dehydrate you!

With this heat, you'll be more tempted to eat cold and light meals. Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in water. With the heat, you might not feel hungry but it is important to have these meals in order to recover the salts lost through sweating. In Spain and with this weather, you can opt for a salad, fruits, vegetables, juices or gazpacho.

Avoid eating fatty meats, barbecued meats or meats in oil as they are more difficult to digest. Foods that are too rich and difficult to digest should also be avoided in order to facilitate digestion!

Avoid direct sunlight in your home

Indoors, the heat can add up and be just as harsh as outside! Awnings on facades exposed to the sun should be lowered, as well as blinds, to prevent the sun from entering directly.

When the temperature is at its hottest, avoid opening windows and using machines and appliances that can produce heat.

Unfortunately, when the temperature is above 35 degrees, the fan becomes ineffective as it only moves the air rather than cooling it down.

For those who use the air conditiong, be aware that using it, although it instantly cools down the room, it is also really dehydrating, so remember to always have some water with you!

And lastly, it is recommended to shower at moderate temperature rather than cold water, as mild showers do not force the body to readjust its temperature!

Open your windows at nightfall

For those who do not have air conditioning, it is recommended to open your windows during the night. When the temperature is cooler at nighfall, open all your windows wide in order for there to be a little breeze. Leave them open until early in the morning. This way, the lower night time temperatures and the draughts will cool your entire home and you will actually be able to rest properly!

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Ice and fan

A fan alone will not cool the atmosphere in a room. However, here is a cool tip to make it all the more efficient! Place a bottle of frozen water or a container of ice cubes in front of your fan and it will immediately cool down the atmosphere! Without ice, the most effective fans are those hung from the ceiling.

Avoid the sun

On particularly hot days, it is recommended to stay indoors, or in shady places. The best thing is to avoid outdoor activities during the hottest hours, especially if the activities are intense. In Spain, the most risky time slot is between 2 p.m and 5 p.m.

If you cannot avoid being outside, then dress in light and breathable clothes and wear a hat. You can wet that hat to refresh yourself!

Of course, it is not recommended to nap or have a prolonged exposure to the sun.

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