The Christmas holidays have begun in Spain. Traditionally, the start of the season takes place during the long week end in December, which is the first week end of the month. In those days, Spaniards take the opportunity to put up the tree, decorate the house and get the woollen jumpers out! The institutions proceed to the expected lighting of the tree in towns and cities.  Much of the excitement around this date lies in the act of giving and receiving gifts. Here are some gifts trends you can follow if you are out of ideas.

  1. Digital Predictions
  2. Gift trends
  3. How to personalize your gifts
  4. Spanish gift tradition

Digital Predictions

The growth of online commerce reached has significantly increased. One of the biggest challenges faced last Christmas was the delays in deliveries to customers. This year, the worry definitely persists, however, because of past experience measures have been taken to avoid such issues and reduce maximaly the delay of deliveries to customers. Consequently, this resulted in many shoppers opting to buy early for this Christmas season as well, as completing more online purchases.

Gift trends

One of the most common dilemmas at this time of year is where to find the perfect gift for that special person. The most special gifts are usually those which, as well as making the recipient feel excited, are also very useful for them

As mentionned, the most special gifts are usually those who have a specific purpose and the recipient finds very useful. Utility is a big factor when thinking about purchasing a gift. Of course, gifts can be as special as they can be, and be extremely special, but as a general rule, utility is key.

Every year, there seems to be overarching trends. Here are some of the trends we noticed about Christmas 2021-2022.

For the coffee lovers of the world, we suggest you gift a retro coffee maker, the offer of retro coffee makers during the Black Friday offered very affordable prices.

Bath bombs are also a hit! Bath bombs might create the most relaxing moment of the day of your favourite person.

Here is a gift that will never get old or untrendy: a special edition. Offering your special someone a special edition of their favorite saga will be an ageless gift.

Others ideas may include a good wine or jewelry; scarcity always makes things more valuable.

Another gift that will never go out of style is gifting someone a perfume. Offering a perfume will never disappoint, no matter the smell.

Always keep in mind the person you are giving the gift to and what their preferences are, if the recipient is a foodie, buy them a cooking book. If she or he is very into fashion, look for the most trendy piece of the moment. At the moment, one of the most trendy clothing item is a Bucket Hat.

Another great gift idea is a ticket to our house raffle! Your special someone might be the lucky winner of a home in Spain!

How to personalize your gifts

In recent years, the start of the Christmas season has been brought back with the consolidation of Black Friday in Europe. But what is the sales forecast for Christmas 2021? Like everything else in this past year, campaigning has been different, lockdowns and recommendations to avoid enclosed spaces and contact with other people have turned Black Friday into Cyber Friday, with mass online shopping, which is extending to our more traditional holiday purchases. There is definitely a shift that ocurred in terms of purchasing holiday gifts; from personal and physically purchasing, to distant and online purchasing.

There are some ways by which you can make your obvious online purchase into a personalized gift, that will surely make the recipient feel more appreciated. One technique is Furoshiki packaging. This technique is a trend of wrapping gifts with fabric, an ecological and dual-use alternative, as the wrapping can also be used for other purposes. It is simple, replace the coloured wrapping paper for your gifts with reused or purchased printed fabrics. 

Personalised gifts are definitely a growing trend! You buy a gift, but you also personalise it. This requires you to know a little more about the person you are giving the gift to. Let's say you are giving a book as a gift, you will know which book the person likes. You can personalise some bookmarks, add a personalised mug for them to drink their coffee when they read it.

Something that is really becoming a major trend is giving experiences as gifts! This shows you know something  more about the person you are giving the gift to. To share, to live, to make, there are endless experiences that can be given as a gifts, even in pandemics!

Additionally, we recommend giving a handmade gift. Handmade gifts, handicrafts and sustainable products are back on trend. Pots made from bottles or containers, lamps, even handmade clothes or accesories. With this kind of gifts, you also show dedication and give a unique piece!

Spanish traditions

As mentionned in another article, Spaniards tend to exchange gifts on the 6th of January. Every 6th of January, the Wise Men surprise children with the most trendy gifts, filling each home with magic and Christmas happiness. However, sometimes, children might receive an even bigger surprise, and not a good one. 

According to the legend, a royal page called Cabonilla watches over the children's actions all year round and then informs the Wise Men if they have behaved badly or well. Then, the Wise Men will decide whether or not to give the child black coal. If this is the case, it will mean that the child has had behaviour during the year. It depends on whether the child did the chores he was given, if he obtained good grades, if he treated his parents well and so on.

This is a fun Spanish tradition, and best of all, the coal is actually Christmas Coal Candy. This tradition is done every january to children but also between adults as a joke.

The myth of the carbon is meant to embody the ashes of the gifts of the Wise Men (incense, gold and myrrh), as a metaphor of this gift negation. Be that as it may, the myth of the carbon passed from generation to generation without loosing its signification and negative connotation.

The gift of a ticket to our next house raffle sounds like the perfect gift to give to your special someone!