Spain is usually associated with the sun, the beach and the party, however, Spain has much more to offer than that. Actually, Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe. The quality of the snow in Spain is excellent which optimizes your enjoyment when practicing any winter sport!

  1. The Mountains
  2. The Resorts
  3. The Winter Sports

The Mountains

As mentioned, Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe, just after Switzerland, which is a pretty hard opponent to beat. It is true that Spain is regarded as a territory full of beaches where the sun always shines, which is true, however, what many do not know is that Spain is a great country if you are an enthusiast of hiking, skiing and everything mountain related! There are great installations for any sport you want to practice at very affordable prices

The Pyrenees mountain range has many breathtaking landscapes, both on the French side and Spanish side. If you are fond of hiking, we recommend you go to the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, which is in the Aragonese province.  The area has been defined as a biosphere reserve and world heritage site by the UNESCO. There, you will witness a wife variety of plant species and varied fauna unique in the region. You may not hike in the park, however, there are routes to explore these landscapes.

Cantabria is home to the Picos de Europa which molds the entire northern peninsular territory. There is a national park located in Asturias, that reaches Cantabria and Castile and Leon. There you will find 30 trails where you will discover numerous lakes, small villages and incredible landscapes. 

If you travel to the south, in the border between Extremadura, Castile and Leon, Madrid and Castilla la Mancha, you will find the beautiful Sierra de Gredos. The Sierra de Gredos is home of Almanzor, which is a peak that reaches 2591 meters high and the lake Cuatro Lagunas, a breathtaking mountain lake. As well, there are many trails to be hiked and villages to be visited.

The South of Spain is mostly known for the Sierra Nevada in the province of Granada. The Cordilleras Béticas is filled with endless peaks, that go as high as 3718 meters. You will discover an enormous amount of different plant species, animals, historical trails, incredible landscapes and all that under the light of the South. 

Lastly, if you travel to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, you will see Mount Teide, which is a volcano that is also the highest peak in Spain that reaches 3718 meters high. The Teide national park is also a UNESCO World heritage site and is the most visited national park in Europe. The island is commited to tourism, this way, explorers may benefit from a breathtaking volcanic landscape as well as enjoying all the benefits given to tourists.

The Resorts

Now that you know about the most visit worthy mountains in Spain, here are the best ski resorts you should try if you are interested in Spanish winter tourism. We recommend you try Baqueira-Beret, Formigal and Sierra Nevada. These are the most famous ski resorts in Spain. 

Baqueira-Beret is in the Pyrenean mountain range, on the Catalonian side, and gives its tourists and locals more than 150km of skiable slopes. It is constitued of more than 100 different slopes, ranging from first time skier, to expert level. Additionally, the resort offers impressive infrastructure, such as fast and smooth ski lifts, snowparks, children's snow parks, ski instructors, cafeterias and a lot of housing! This resort is known as being the most hyped of all the Spanish resorts.

Are you interested in skiing in Andalusia? In Sierra Nevada is the highest ski resort on the peninsula. This resort hosts more than one million users per year and gives them more 106km of skiable slopes, for all ski levels! This resort also benefits from exceptional infrastructure, including entertainment, playgrounds, ski instructors and efficient ski lifts. And all of this under the unique light of the Andalusian Province. The resort is easy and quick to access if you are in the south, so wait no more, and get the chance to win a home through our next raffle and ski in the Sierra Nevada as much as you want!

Formigal and Panticosa are ski resorts  in the Aragonese Pyrenees. They have a combined total of 146 slopes and 176 of skiable slopes. As well as the others, it offers its users different level of slopes for first time skiers, experts and everything in between! This resort is ideal for beginners, its schools offers courses in alpine skiing, snowboarding, freestyle and freeride

The Winter Sports

Spanish ski resorts have infrascture and territory for many different winter sports. If you are a winter tourist in Spain, you should know that you may enjoy all the sports you want in formidable different ski resorts. Whether you are into alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, biatlon, mushing, telemark or speek skiing, be sure you will be able to practice those in Spain.

If you want to alpine ski, we recommend you go to Formigal-Panticosa. For cross-country skiing we recommend you go to Sierra Nevada. For freestyling  and biatlon you should definitely go to Baqueira Beret. If you want to practice mushing, then you should go to Andorra.

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