Are you going to La Manga del Mar Menor this summer? Are you already picturing yourself winning Cloverhut’s house competition for the apartment of La Manga? No matter what reason you are in La Manga for, there will be a point where you will want to try new restaurants. To help you make a decision, here are the 5 best restaurants in the region of La Manga del Mar Menor. This list is based on customer experience and reviews.

Top 5 Restaurants in La Manga del Mar Menor:

  1. Maloca
  2. El Camarote de la Martinique
  3. Taste of India
  4. Bonobo La Manga
  5. El Parador del Mar Menor


Maloca is a Spanish restaurant that serves classic Spanish food. As starters, they serve anything from Jamon Iberico to Croquetas. The restaurant has a great reputation for its main courses such as rice with seafood, premium burgers, entrecôtes and much more. You will notice that the restaurant is located in a prized location. Indeed, the restaurant overlooks the sea similarly to Cloverhut’s 2-bedroom apartment which you can get for a starting price of £2. You will find more information about the apartment here. More than 500 people have left positive reviews on TripAdvisor’s website. These include:

“Great food, service and scenery” and “Such a great place for lunch”.

Click here to find more information about the restaurant and its menu.

2.El Camarote de la Martinique

El Camarote is one of the best restaurants in La Manga. Unfortunately, their menu is not available online, but we can assure you that you will eat very well at this restaurant.

Located on the beachfront, El Camarote de la Martinique will offer you quality food with wonderful scenery at an affordable price.

You will notice that the inside of the eatery looks like the inside of a boat. The chefs can adjust themselves to your needs such as providing you with a gluten free or vegetarian menu. TripAdvisor’s users have called it the best restaurant in La Manga and a little gem. This one is definitely worth trying.

3.Taste of India

Taste of India is also a prime eatery in La Manga del Mar Menor. As its name suggests, Taste of India is a place that is specialized in Indian cuisine. The restaurant also faces the water as it is located on Calle Puerto Tomas. The majority of the people who eat there are extremely delighted with the food and service. The restaurant is so successful that its owners recently opened another one in Galeria Flamenco near Zoko. Taste of India lies in the middle of the food quality – price spectrum. The 247 people who left their opinions on TripAdvisor seem extremely satisfied.

4.Bonobo La Manga

Bonobo in La Manga is a place you must go to if you are in the area and like seafood. This seaside restaurant has a 4/5 rating on TripAdvisor which is an average of 471 opinions. You will find all types of seafood at Bonobo ranging from Paella with shrimps, prawns, lobster, fried squid and more. Here, you will find the complete menu. With £20 per person, you will eat more than enough.

5.El Parador del Mar Menor

El Parador de Mar Menor is a beautiful restaurant located in La Manga del Mar Menor. Its chefs are specialized in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. On their menu, you will find mouth-watering starters, main courses and desserts. The restaurant is well-known for its delicious steak, its beachfront location and the way plates are presented. By clicking here, you will access El Parador’s menu. Similarly to the Bonobo, El Parador has a rating of 4/5 on TripAdvisor. Users have said that the place was “Special”, and that they have eaten “The Best Steak Ever”. We recommend you try it and make up your own mind!

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