The enchantment of Halloween is approaching, and what better place to enjoy these festivities than in the "City of Vacations," located in the picturesque coasts of Castellón? This charming destination by the Mediterranean Sea is where our next house will be raffled, and the festive season is in the air.

Halloween in Marina d'Or

The celebration of Halloween in Marina d'Or is a charming journey through local traditions and fun in a unique environment. Children, eager to enjoy this festivity, choose to dress up as monstrous and terrifying creatures, or heroes, princesses, and adorable characters, creating an atmosphere of joy and fantasy in every corner, also remembering the celebration of "Holywins" celebrated in Spain, commemorating All Saints and All Souls Day.

In the streets and squares of Marina d'Or, the atmosphere transforms with spooky and colorful decorations. From skillfully carved pumpkins to ornaments that reflect the festive joy, every corner invites visitors to immerse themselves in the magic of these celebrations.

The Holywins Celebration

As mentioned, and in line with the festivities, Marina d'Or celebrates "Holywins," an alternative to Halloween that highlights Christian values and the victory of good over evil. Children dress up not only as fantastic characters but also as inspiring heroes and heroines, princesses, and princes.

Local Sweets and Delights

The Halloween and Holywins season would not be complete without the delicious flavors of the region. In Marina d'Or, you can enjoy traditional treats, from sweet "huesitos de santo," fritters, and marzipans, to a wide range of typical local candies and desserts. These unique flavors will complement the fun and add a local touch to the celebration.

This festivity in Marina d'Or is an opportunity to enjoy with family, participate in various events, and immerse oneself in the magic of the season.

We look forward to celebrating together!

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