Since 2019 house raffles have been on the rise. Starting out at just eight houses being raffled in 2019 in the United Kingdom, this number has risen tremendously over the last few years, with over 96 houses being drawn in 2021. People all around the United Kingdom are looking to get a foot on the property ladder, especially with the threat of inflation looming over many, the cost-of-living crisis consolidating all over the country, as well as the serious aftereffects that Covid-19 has had on the economy.

However, could these really be the only reasons to participate in a house draw? Certain companies, such as Cloverhut, actually use house raffles as a way to donate and raise awareness on small and medium sized charities, as they assign 80% of all their profits towards different NGOs in exchange for tickets towards their house draws.

But even still, why should you really enter in a house draw?

  1. The cost-of-living crisis, one quick win and two feet safely on the property ladder
  2. The lack of affordability of the United Kingdom
  3. Taxes, when costs skyrocket
  4. Support inspiring causes along the way

1.The cost-of-living crisis, one quick win and two feet safely on the property ladder

Since 2009 and the plummeting of the UK’s house prices, they’ve slowly been on the rise again. With low-interest rates making home ownership seem less and less appealing, as well as the increasingly low supply of households across the United Kingdom, and a lack of first-time buyers, purchasing a property is just not as attractive anymore.

Not only that, but also with the rise of prices everywhere, it is completely unattainable for many to even dream of owning a house one day. With many young people having to move away from home to begin their careers, owning a house is simply not feasible. On top of that, the cost-of-living crisis, which, in some cases, is not even allowing people to rent and is forcing many young people to move back home to cut costs, a house raffle starts to become really tempting.

2. The lack of affordability of the United Kingdom

We’re seeing the consequences of inflation everywhere we look, in our daily or weekly food shop, our occasional take-out coffees, and all the way to transport and living costs. While it’s true that this is affecting most of Europe, cost of life in the United Kingdom has been on the rise for years. And it’s only getting worse. While the prices become steeper, many people are being forced to search for aid in nongovernmental organizations, non-profits, and fundraisers to survive the day to day.

Life in other countries around Europe, especially those on the coast, is cheaper. The weather is better and the prices, in comparison to central and northern Europe, are considerably lower, allowing you to have a better quality of life.

3.Taxes, when costs skyrocket

Above all else, houses won in house draws are a prize. This means that if you’re the lucky winner most these companies will take over the major headaches of becoming a first time houseowner. At Cloverhut, the houses come fully furnished and are ready to move in. Moreover, they always have a tax advisor consult personally with each of their winners. Furthermore, Cloverhut also takes care of notary and management costs, which can usually add an extra 3000€ to the total you’d be spending on becoming a new homeowner.
At Cloverhut, the applicable tax rate for the winners will be 19% for residents of the European Union, Iceland and Norway, and 24% for all other taxpayers. That said, Cloverhut’s mission is for the winner to enjoy the house without having all the worry of extra costs, which is why they’ll offer you tailored legal and fiscal advice so you can fully enjoy your winnings.

Start your journey to become a homeowner today, join Cloverhut and win a home under the sun!

4.Support inspiring causes along the way

Some companies that organise house raffles are actually set up to support many altruistic causes in the countries where the draws are held. Cloverhut is currently working with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, a non-profit organization which works in the United Kingdom and focuses on ensuring everyone has a place to call home. Cloverhut donates 80% of all its profits to the small and medium nongovernmental organizations they’re partnered up with. This means that with every ticket purchased, as well as the subscription services that are renewed monthly, you’re not only having the chance to win a wonderful house on the coast of Spain, but you’re also helping out an amazing cause.

Cloverhut is making it easy for you, to give back to those who need it the most, while entering in incredible life-changing prizes and experiences. What are you waiting for?

2023 is going to be an unforgettable year, so come along with us for the ride and join Cloverhut today!

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