With the aim of becoming more socially responsible, Cloverhut started a collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain (GB). In this article, we tell you about this charity and their works.

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was founded in 1976 that fights global housing poverty. Since its creation, over 39 million people have received their support in helping build and improve their homes. Additionally, since its creation, its works also resulted in providing over 1 million homes all over the world through its international projects.

As mentionned, Habitat for Humanity is an international NGO that operates in nearly 70 countries. Its aim is shared across all those countries; helping vulnerable and marginalised people in society. 

Habitat for Humanity Great Britain

This multinational NGO has branches in many countries; last year alone, Habitat for Humanity GB has supported 244,883 people across its different projects.

Habitat for Humanity GB contributes to many causes, such as the fight for land rights for women, upgrade urban slums and informal settlements, improve access to water and sanitation, and help communities become more resilient in the face of natural disasters.

For every £1 that is donated, 72p go to the implementation of projects and 28p go to the fundraising of the next £1 as well as governance and administrative costs. Donations directly go to their projects and the financing of their projects.

In order to increase efficiency, reduce costs and stretch the impact of the investement and trust placed in them, Habitat for Humanity GB is a member of the Institute of Fundraising, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations,  BOND and the Fundraising Regulator. These membership prove their efficiency and the direct impact of each contribution, no matter its value.

Their work

At the international and national level, this NGO helps alleviate the sufferings that derive from housing poverty and poverty. Fundings and volunteers help people rebuild and gives them another chance through national and international projects. 

Donations contribute to the provision of houses for vulnerable families in Malawi, the ongoing rebuilding of Nepal after the earthquake, and help develop projects which allow families in Bangladesh to anticipate and mitigate the flood damage.

One of the aims of Habitat for Humanity Great Britain is to refurbish, renovate and rebuild unused spaces and land to give vulnerable people a decent home.The aim is to provide affordable housing in the United Kingdom, it is their way of giving some people a second chance or making their lives easier due to the housing issue in the United Kingdom. For example, Habitat for Humanity GB provided a home to Nathan Rooke, who, after leaving the British Army found himself homeless for a period of 5 months. With the support of Habitat for Humanity GB and their partners, Nathan was welcomed into an ex-servicemen hostel that provided him with a private room in London

Through the project of renovating empty and disused buildings, Habitat for Humanity GB and its partners are able to provide safe housing for vulnerable people like Nathan.

If you wish to know more about Nathan's story, click here.

Along with other fields of action, Habitat for Humanity GB is passionate about helping vulnerable women. One of the many projects they worked on was the case of Beauty, a widowed woman in Zambia. After refusing to marry her late husband's brother, Beauty and her children were homeless as her entire property and all her possessions had been claimed by her late husband's family. Not only did Habitat for Humanity GB provided her and her family with a new home, they also taught her about land rights, how to save money, and gain access to financial services, overall, how to protect her assets. You can find out more about their projects through this link.

Habitat for Humanity GB is invested in other projects as well, the one that is of most actuality is the refugee crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine. They have been welcoming refugees in the Polish borders and provided some families with a safe and secure home for a period of approximatively 7 months. Habitat for Humanity GB is contributing on this ongoing crisis at the maximum of their capacity with the help of volunteers, fundraising and donations

Collaboration with Cloverhut

In our path to becoming more socially responsible, we have decided to start a collaboration with this NGO. This collaboration symbolizes our commitment to donating 80% of all our profits to the works on Habitat for Humanity GB with the hopes of contributing in the building of affordable housing for precarious populations

We hope to raise awareness to this organization and collaborate as much as possible with the help our of users!

With every purchase, you are supporting the work of Habitat for Humanity Great Britain! Participate in our next raffle now and also get the chance to win a home in the Spanish coastline from only £2!