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Building the future of digital fundraising

Small and medium-sized charities are struggling to fundraise in an increasingly digital environment.

At Cloverhut we are experts in creating engaging digital fundraising events and our aim is to help raise awareness and stable, recurring donations for our charity partners. We have worked with charities in Spain, Germany and the UK and our vision is to become the leader in generating donations for good causes worldwide in the next 5 years.

Our grand prizes will change your life, your support will change theirs!

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How does cloverhut contribute to NGOs?

At Cloverhut we work tirelessly so that 80% of our profits from the raffles go to NGOs, social actions and solidarity projects.

All the raffles we think of for our participants will be linked to a social project or NGO so that, not only can you win a great prize, but also help people in need.

We are currently collaborating with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY in our great raffle of a house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, but soon we will launch more raffles to help even more.

Meet our Team

We are a young and prepared team. All the members of Cloverhut have a special sensitivity for social causes.

We are professionals in design, marketing, communication, and content. We have experience in different sectors such as banking, media, lottery and international law and we strive to ensure that our draws are of the highest quality and transparency.

familia feliz en casa con hijo y perro

Cloverhut is made up of a team of people ready to help you at all times

Behind Cloverhut stands a dynamic team, completely committed to giving our users the best experience possible. We strive every day to offer a quality service that meets the expectations of our users.

Furthermore, every hour of the day is dedicated towards our objective which is: a house for £2 without complications, in a life-changing, guaranteed and transparent draw. There are no strings attached.

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