Is there a limit to the amount tickets I can buy?

Here at Cloverhut, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to participate.

In addition to this, we are known for being 100% transparent and trust is a fundamental pillar in our company. That is why we have set a limit of 100000 tickets per person. We think that doing this is the best way to ensure a fair draw for everyone.

Participate now to get a new house by the sea in Spain.

What shall I do when I have not received my purchase confirmation?

If you haven’t received your purchase confirmation, first you must check that the payment has been made correctly and that the purchase has been completed.

If the above is correct, check your Spam or junk mail folder. The tickets you are taking part in our draw with will always be shown on our website in your profile area. All you have to do is click on “Order History”.

Have you found it? If so, it is important that you signal that we are not SPAM, so that you can receive the emails in your inbox.

In the emails you will receive purchase confirmations, offers, draw updates and the date of the draw. You will also be able to find out if you have won the draw!

Still can't find it? Get in touch with us via our contact form or write us to Our team will be happy to help you.

What can I do if my discount code does not work?

Our discounts are active for a specific time. If your promo code does not work, make sure that you are not trying to use it after the end date. Usual mistakes include not introducing the @ or # signs.

Remember that you have to introduce your discount code in the last step, just before you confirm your purchase and pay. Before this, you have to choose how many numbers you want to participate in the raffle.

If you still have problems with your purchase, please contact us at Our team will be happy to help you.

Watch out! If you have already paid for your tickets, you will only be able to redeem your code in a different purchase.

Remember that our tickets give you better odds! The house could be yours. You only have to participate in the house draws to know and try your luck.

Where are my tickets for the draw?

If you are already participating in our house draw, congratulations! You have just entered in a draw with great odds, security and transparency.

We know that your lucky numbers are the most important thing in a draw, and we want to always have them on hand and never forget them.

You can check your ticket numbers:

Good luck with your lucky numbers! You can multiply your chances with other special packs from here or by joining the CloverClub to get new tickets every month and take advantage of the special benefits for members. You could be the next winner of our house draw in Spain!

What can I do if I cannot finish my purchase?

We recommend that you first check the state of the transaction with your bank.

If you are trying to make a purchase and have not received your tickets nor received any email from Cloverhut, there might have been a problem with the payment gateway, which is something that is out of our control.

If you would like to participate, we suggest the following alternatives:

  • If you were trying from your mobile phone and it doesn't let you go through with the transaction, try it again from your computer
  • If you were on your computer, try again on another browser
  • If it still won't let you, you should contact your bank because they may be cancelling the purchase for some reason

Other common errors:

  • Make sure you are entering your name exactly as it appears on your card
  • Make sure you are using a card from the UK, Spain, or Ireland

If you still have problems with your purchase, please contact us at Our team will be happy to help you.

Enter now and join CloverClub to multiply your chances of winning and get incredible benefits and prizes every week!

Can I buy tickets on behalf of someone else?

In order to buy tickets on behalf of someone else, you must register their personal information. At the time of the purchase, make sure you leave their email in the form so that they can receive the tickets you purchased on their behalf.

On special occasions we add offers that allow us to give away tickets in the form of discount codes for friends/family. These are time-limited, so please read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully.

With that said, you can use your friend code to give your friend a special discount and get yourself more tickets at no extra cost.

Remember that if you want to become the new owner of your dream house, without a mortgage, all you have to do is get your lucky tickets today! Furthermore, if you join CloverClub, you could multiply your chances and take advantage of special benefits (exclusive raffles, discounts...). The luck is waiting for you!

How many tickets may enter the draw?

Here at Cloverhut we believe in transparency and security. We set a limit on the number of spots available in a draw, meaning that each participant has fixed odds to win.

You can maximise your probability of winning as there is a limited range of tickets available.

Additionally, each draw comprises a maximum of 800.000 to be played, meaning that there are 800.000 tickets to be played for the house draw, 800.000 tickets to be played for the trip to Mallorca and 800.000 tickets to be played for the £1000 cash prize.

Now, with every purchase, users are contributing to the work of Habitat for Humanity Great Britain: Cloverhut is committed to donating 80% of its profits to this NGO.

I can't shop at Cloverhut

Cloverhut currently only accepts payment from bank cards from UK, Irish, and Spanish banks.

You can pay for your tickets as long as the bank account is from the UK, Ireland, or Spain.

If you have a card with these features and still cannot make the purchase, please note that for your security your bank may ask you: to enter a number that can be sent to you via SMS, to confirm the purchase through their mobile app, for a digital signature or your card pin; all these steps have been incorporated into the PSD2 (Payment Services Directive).

If the problems persist you can consult with your bank or write us an email at

When does the winner receive the house?

First of all, If you are the winner of the house draw... CONGRATULATIONS!

Once the draw is over, we will notify you by phone and email if you have the winning number.

Once we have contacted you, we will start the administrative and legal process to make you a new owner. We will accompany you throughout the process until you can move into your new home.

You could be the winner! You only need to try your luck and enter the draw now!

Is the house given as shown in the photos?

Although the house is the same as the one you can see on our website, it is possible that some of the decorations may look different when the property is delivered. Nevertheless, Cloverhut delivers its houses fully-furnished.

Cloverhut does a thorough check-up of the house and makes sure to provide it in the best state possible. We do not like surprises. Transparency and trust is our hallmark.

Should you have any questions, you can message us through our contact page, one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Winning a home on the coast of Spain is now a reality with Cloverhut. Enter now!

Am I allowed to share the prize with someone else?

We select the new homeowner according to our data base. In other words, the person that submitted their information and made the purchase of the winning ticket in our data base through our website will be named the homeowner.

If that person is married, we can write down both names, the one of the winner and their partner, on the official paperwork. Feel free to check out our Terms and Conditions to know more about our process and ways of functioning.

If you are ready to become a homeowner, take part in our next draw of a stunning house by the sea in Spain. Remember, with Cloverhut, you are 175 times more likely to win the grand prize than any other lottery.

How can I get a Free Entry?

All of our house competitions are free draws, which means that you have the option to participate for free. 

To participate for free, follow these steps:

  1. Create your Account
  2. Grab a blank sheet of paper and start by describing the reason you are writing for. Do not forget to mention the competition you would like to enter.
  3. Finish the letter signing it and sending it to our postal address

Attention: Illegible handwriting will force us to invalidate your entry. You can find our address and required information our page of Free Entry

After this process, we need to validate your postal entry. As soon as we process your information, you will officially become a participant in our house draw. Consider that it is not valid if you do not see it appear on your profile after a few days. 

Good luck and keep it mind that you only get one ticket with the by-post process. If you want more chances to win and more tickets, you will have to repeat the process or buy your tickets with the special offers on our website.

Remember, participating for free means that you will not be supporting the work of Habitat for Humanity GB.

When will the house raffle take place?

Our online house draw is officially underway! You could win a dream home on the coast of Spain!

Since our draws are guaranteed, transparent and secure, it is important that we set the Closing Date early.

You can enter our Grand Prize Home Draw until 23rd of September 2023! This is the Closing Date which means that you can only enter the house draw until that date. However, the draw will take place one week later, on 30th of September 2023.

Keep your fingers crossed because the winning number may be yours!

You will be able to follow the raffle live which will be held in front of a notary. Keep your fingers crossed because the winning number may be yours!

To make it worth your while, we offer you the possibility to upgrade your pack of tickets to Cloverclub. As a member of Cloverclub, you will participate for free in weekly draws of tax-free cash, trips to Spain and enjoy many other benefits!

Good luck!

How long can I spend in Spain after Brexit if I win the house?

All the houses we raffle are located in Spain and we chose them for three reasons: its proximity to the sea, its privileged views and its comfort. You can see the new Grand Prize Home Draw right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Being a British company based in London and focused on the UK market, it is very likely that an English person might ask: What happens if I win the house? Will I be able to travel to Spain? Will I be able to enjoy my new home?

From January 2021, British citizens, like any third-country national, will have to comply with the entry requirements set out in the Schengen Borders Code:

  • Justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay and have sufficient means of subsistence, both for the period of the intended stay and for the return journey
  • UK travellers who want to travel to Spain can only stay for a maximum period of 3 months every 6 months.

This means that you will only be able to stay in Spain for a total of 90 days every 180 days  on one or more visits. This means that you can extend your stay in Spain up to a maximum of 6 months (180 days) per year in two periods of 3 months. 

This means that you will only be able to stay in Spain for a total of 90 days after every 180 days outside of Spain. This means that you can extend your stay in Spain up to a maximum of 6 months (180 days) per year in two periods of 3 months. 

The thing you have to keep in mind is that having property in Spain does not change any laws in relation to the 180 days rule. As a result, you will only be allowed to stay in your house for a maximum of 90 days every six months.

Also, to travel between the UK and Spain, you must be in possession of a valid passport and, although a visa is not required for short stays, you may have your passport stamped. 

How to Obtain Spanish Citizenship?

  • If they were already residing in Spain before January 2021 or were in the country during 2020, they can still apply for the application of the transitional residence permit under the withdrawal agreement.
  • If you start the procedure from scratch, to live more than 3 months in Spain, any UK citizen will now have to apply for a valid residence permit: the EU registration certificate would no longer be an option. This makes the process more time-consuming and entails higher requirements.

Keep in Mind! On the day this is being written, all travellers from outside Spain should be aware of the COVID regulations and follow the updated regulatory procedures regarding vaccinations and diagnostic tests.

Win a Dream Home in Spain right next to theMediterranean Sea in Andalusia is a unique opportunity! After Brexit you will be able to enjoy your new home without any problems for your holidays and even move in if you wish to do so. You can enter the Grand Prize Home Draw NOW!

Will I pay taxes?

We want you to be able to become a new homeowner in Spain!

Above all, we want the home to be a gift to the new owner, not a problem. Our homes are carefully selected and we want our winner to be able to enjoy a Dream Home that is ready to move into.

Cloverhut accompanies the winner at all times. We will consult the winner's particular situation with a tax advisor to find the best option and make everything as comfortable as possible.

In addition, Cloverhut takes care of the notary and management costs involved in the transfer and change of name of the property, costs that in Spain are usually around €3,000 on average.

How much tax do I have to pay if I am not a resident in Spain?

To calculate the taxable base, Article 24.4 of the TRLIRNR refers to the Personal Income Tax Act. Thus, the capital gain will be computed at the market value of the asset (the property, in our case) received as a prize.

The applicable tax rate will be 19% for residents of the European Union, Iceland and Norway and 24% for all other taxpayers.

You can participate in the raffle without any worries

In any case, at Cloverhut we have a great interest that our winners enjoy the house without problems.

As soon as we tell you that you are the winner, we will help you fiscally and legally in all the options and actions that you have available so that you can enjoy without surprises of having won a house.

You can enter now without any worries in the Grand Prize Home Draw.

What style is the decoration of the house in La Manga?

The house of the raffle with sea views located in La Manga is decorated with a very neat style and is adapted to the surrounding environment.

With a very tight budget and only through photos the decorator from Madrid chose a very modern and rather Nordic and industrial style. With special mention to the furniture of the terrace of 20m2 with two atmospheres and totally prepared for the enjoyment of spectacular sunsets.

The designer adapts to the style and budget of the client, if you wish to consult her services and rates you may write to us at so that we give you her contact.

What does Cloverhut guarantee you?

Security and transparency in our house draws are our top priority. We want you to trust us as we will never do you wrong!

To ensure complete transparency, we will:

  • Hold draws with the number of tickets closed at the beginning of the draw
  • Hold it in front of a notary

Cloverhut and all of our raffles are legal and our website has been thoroughly checked by an independent law firm to certify that the enterprise meets the requirements to hold free draw competitions with full guarantees.

You can check our Terms & Conditions to inform yourself about all the details of our raffles.

Become the new owner of a house in Spain. Enter the online raffle NOW!

Why Cloverhut?

Cloverhut is committed to being extremely transparent. We always make sure to share all information with our customers because they have the right to know what happens in our raffles. When you choose Cloverhut, you choose to make home-ownership accessible to all including yourself! That's why Cloverhut is the best real estate alternative. With tickets that cost £2, you can change your life forever. Forget about mortgages and landlords thanks to Cloverhut.

We are very different from other raffle companies as we always deliver prizes to our winners. We will never change our terms or refuse to hand out a CASH prize because we failed selling enough tickets. When something does not go according to plan, other companies usually:

  • Refuse to give out the prize and replace it by a less significant cash prize
  • Extend the deadline to sell more tickets
  • Limited tickets availability

Cloverhut strives to be the best raffle company in the United Kingdom. We will always go out of our way to maximise your experience with us. Let us know what you think of us by joining the next draw. Who knows, you may be the winner of a Spanish beach home. Join CloverClub for even more benefits!

Why can I trust house raffles in the UK?

Here at Cloverhut, we are all about transparency and security. Our draws are safe and completely legal. A legal review has been done and approved by an independent law firm that has thoroughly checked our website.

You probably have already noticed that there are no small prints in our promotional content. The reason for this is that we believe that small prints go against our transparency policy. Other companies or individuals that organise house raffles often hide technicalities in their small print and the goal of Cloverhut is to avoid that. Manoeuvres other companies carry out to protect themselves include:

  • Offering a less significant cash prize the buyer never agreed to
  • Extending deadlines in order to sell more tickets
  • Deciding not to give away the home in the end as they pocket the majority of the raffle money and give a minority cash prize to the raffle winner

The above-mentioned examples are shocking and disappointing. Fortunately, you will never encounter ANY of the above-mentioned examples with Cloverhut. We are transparent and always provide you house raffles with no strings attached.

Enter the raffle now with higher possibilities to become a new homeowner and join Cloverclub to take advantage of the exclusive benefits.

What Is Cloverhut?

Cloverhut is a company based in the United Kingdom. Our company focuses on Spanish beach homes draws in order to give people the opportunity to become homeowners for a ticket that costs £2. The goal is to bring a new real estate alternative. 

Our mission is to provide people with dream Spanish beach homes for tickets at a price of £2 through a transparent, straight-forward and 100% legal draw. Our website has undergone thorough examination by an independent legal firm to ensure its users a 100% legal raffle that certifies the requirements for a free draw competition. Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us through our form. The customer service team of Cloverhut is always pleased to help you out.

Claim your new house by taking part in our next draw. Our tickets are available now! In order to multiply your chances of winning, join CloverClub. You will receive free cash prizes, special discounts, free tickets…

Additionally, Cloverhut and Habitat for Humanity Great Britain are now partners! Habitat for Humanity GB is an NGO whose aim is to contribute to housing poverty all around the world. Now, with every purchase, users will be contributing to their cause as Cloverhut is committed to donating 80% of its profits to this charity!

How does Cloverhut work?

Cloverhut is a company that gives you the opportunity to become a homeowner for tickets that cost £2 each. Our house draws are legal and have undergone a rigorous examination certifying that we meet all the requirements to undertake free draw competitions. 

Our motivated team goes through a thorough process to evaluate houses, review legal paperwork and make sure that the state of the house is phenomenal. All houses offered by Cloverhut are ready for you to move into and free of charges.

If you would like to participate in our next raffle, all you have to do is purchase tickets that cost £2 each. As a way to increase your chances of winning our prize, you can buy up to 5,000 tickets per person. Join the house raffle now by claiming your tickets here. The duration of the draw may never exceed 12 months. The date of the draw will be published on the website. In addition, you will receive an email with all the details of the draw date.

Remember to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our customer service team is at your disposal for any questions!

Thanks to Cloverhut, you can acquire a house on the Spanish coast for tickets that cost £2 each. Remember, becoming a homeowner has never been so easy! Joining Cloverclub is even better. If you want to become a new member you can do so by following these three simple steps:

  1. Register 
  2. Select your favourite offer
  3. Check your purchase confirmation in your email

Take advantage of exclusive discounts, weekly only-member-raffles, trips and much more. Join the community that will make you win so much more! Click here to join!

Additionally, Cloverhut is committed to donating 80% of its profits to Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.  With every purchase, users are contributing to the work of this NGO.

What's the friend code? How does it work?

It's easy! Once you have decided to participate in the raffle by buying a ticket, it's time to be a good friend.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a code that you can share with your friends (you can find yours in your profile area of the website). This code has a 10% discount for the person who receives it, but will also provide you with a small present.

For each friend who participates with your code (making a purchase of £20 or more) you will automatically receive a free ticket in your email. Remember, your friend has to introduce your code before completing the purchase. If your friend does not do so, the discount won't be applied and you will not receive the free ticket.

Remember, you could get free tickets following the next 3 easy steps:

  • Share your friend code (you will get it when you make a purchase of any price)
  • You have to make a purchase of at least £20 using your 10% off code
  • You will receive your free number in your email and it will be available in your profile area as well

Easy, isn't it? This way, your friends can participate in the draw with a special discount and you can multiply your chances of winning  our beach house. Enjoy and be a good friend! 

What are my benefits as a member of Cloverclub?

The real question is what don't you get as a Cloverclub member? Joining Cloverclub only has advantages for you. Cloverclub is flexible and you can join it by paying the price that you want. All you have to do is select your favourite option.

The advantages start at this very moment! With Cloverclub, you subscribe to a pack of tickets. You pay the amount of the pack that you chose with 15% off!

Once you are a member of Cloverclub for the price you have chosen per month you:

  • Get the number of tickets of your choice 
  • Receive free numbers in the month of your birthday
  • Enter exclusive cash prize draws every week
  • Enter exclusive raffles for a holiday in Spain for two every two months
  • Reserve your lucky numbers for next house draw

What else is holding you back? If the Cloverclub perks are so great, why should you not benefit from them? Join NOW!

How do I join Cloverclub?

To join Cloverclubthe first thing you have to do is choose the special Subscription pack from our website: Select the amount of tickets you would like to receive every month, and don't forget to select the Cloverclub option highlighted in yellow. You will automatically pay for your tickets with a 15% discount!

You will receive your tickets; the amount of tickets you receive depends on the pack you have chosen.

As well as entering the current house draw you will automatically be entered with your tickets into exclusive member-only draws.

In addition, the Cloverclub subscription does not exclude you from buying more tickets without subscription whenever you want, but it will be without all these advantages!

Do not hesitate and join Cloverclub, and if you still have any questions, write to us and we will be happy to help you.

What is Cloverclub?

Cloverclub is a community in which winning matters even more. It is a VIP Club in which its members can enjoy exclusive benefits and perks for choosing Cloverclub and our online raffles.

With Cloverclub you subscribe to a pack of tickets. You will pay the amount of the pack that you chose with a 15% off. The service allows you to enter the Grand Prize Home Draw and it is the only way to be able to win prizes every week, from cash prizes to a holiday for two in Spain and much more!

You can join at any time and one of its advantages is that you can select the price that you want to pay for your subscription plan.

Furthermore, you can unsubscribe whenever you want (your unsubscription will be processed during the next 15  days after you have received the unsubcription email).

Keep on winning by Joining Cloverclub! Your chances of winning the Grand Prize Home Draw will be multiplied as a Cloverclub member!

What is Habitat for Humanity GB?

Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organisation focused on long-term development, aid and poverty alleviation. Its mission is to build a safe environment where families and communities can thrive. Habitat for Humanity GB believes affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities.

If you wish to find out more about this charity, click here

How is Cloverhut involved with Habitat for Humanity GB?

Cloverhut is committed to donating 80% of its profits to the NGO with the hopes of contributing in their cause of building affordable housing for precarious populations.

Cloverhut is collaborating with Habitat for Humanity GB with the goal of raising awareness to this cause and making essential goods and services accessible to a wider population. We hope to actively contribute to their projects by donating 80% of our profits  gained through our activities.

Can I donate more?

If you wish to donate more to Habitat for Humanity GB you can do so directly through their platform, you can even become a member!

You can also join Cloverclub! By doing this you will be making a monthly contribution to Habitat for Humanity GB as well as participating in exclusive member-only draws!

Why are you only collaborating with one NGO?

For now, Cloverhut is only collaborating with Habitat for Humanity GB in order to donate as much as possible to maximise our impact on the cause. We hope that in the future we will be able to collaborate with more NGO's so as to make-the-most of our profit and bring more visibility to honourable causes.

If there are any causes you would like to introduce to us, you are welcome to send us additional information at

What guarantees do I have that the money will go to Habitat for Humanity GB?

Cloverhut is committed to donating 80% of its profit to Habitat for Humanity GB. This sum is made binding by our partnership contract with the NGO and pursuant to our Terms and Conditions, which ensures that the donation is given to the NGO. A team of lawyers has reviewed the agreement and are there to make sure such statements are committed to.

Do you need more help? Write us