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Raffle your house with Cloverhut

Are you a homeowner and would like to raffle your home? At Cloverhut we take care of all the necessary technical and legal procedures. Raffling your house is the real estate alternative to selling it, which can generate more than 30% profit on the house. The best thing about all of this is that you do not have to worry about anything.

What do you need to raffle your house?

Cloverhut will take care of putting in place the necessary mechanisms to help you create and promote the draw. More importantly, everything is completely free for the homeowner.

We would love to raffle your house. We believe that each home is special and unique. We always look for the ideal houses so that you acquire your dream home for just £2.

What are we asking for?

You must own a home in Spain.

The house must be located close to the beach or in a big city.

The house must be in perfect condition.

Does your house meet the requirements? Fantastic! Cloverhut is the only online platform for house raffles in Spain, and we will take care of all the necessary expenses and formalities.

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All you need in only 4 easy steps.

Raffling your home is easier than you might think. The full process is here:


Contact us through our form to raffle your house.

Send us as much information as possible about your house (photos, data, valuation...).

We will assess the viability of the property free of charge.
Your house is viable, from Cloverhut we will take care of everything.

Why raffle instead of selling?

  • check x No more time-consuming visits, appointments with clients, calls, …
  • check x No long illegible purchase agreements, no mortgage issues, no tax issues
  • check x No tedious negotiations, no promotion costs, …
  • check v Our team of experts will accompany you through the whole process to make it quicker and easier.
  • check v You can earn up to 30% more on the valuation of the property. Cloverhut only wins if you win.
  • check v Forget the paperwork, Cloverhut takes care of everything.
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Start now! Raffle your house!

Fill in the form and we will contact you.